Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Cinematic Lighting

    • Welcome to DemoReel Mastery™

    • Introduction to Lighting

    • The Key Light

    • The Fill light

    • The Backlight (Hair light)

    • Practicle Lighting

    • An affordable lighting set-up

    • Color temps (Tungsten VS Daylight)

  • 02

    Camera & Lenses

    • Intro to lenses

    • Cinema Lenses

    • Lens Focal lengths

    • Perspective

    • ISO

    • • The Secret Sauce •

  • 03

    Filming your Footage

    • Part 1 - Rehearsals ■ Lighting ■ Shot composition

    • Part 2 - Finessing your lights ■ Creating cinematic depth ■ Filming

    • Part 3 - The Close-up ■ Filming reverse coverage ■ 180 rule

    • Part 4 - Final thoughts

    • Thank you for watching

This training will be great for:

  • Actors who want to produce their own content without spending a lot of money on scene creation services like... REELARC!

  • Anyone who is still waiting on their footage from a past production and is losing patience, and more importantly, missing out on opportunities

  • Actors who are looking for representation and hear over and over again that they need to have a demo reel in order to be noticed

See what prior students have to say

“…I got so much more power in knowledge than I hoped for...all the basics from setting up a 3 point lighting system, shooting cross key, understanding the various effects you can get with different lenses, being aware of framing and thirds.”

Actor / Director

Andy M

“If you're an actor that has been dreaming of creating your own work, this class is a necessary tool to make your dream a reality. Save yourself the four year film school tuition and take this class.”

Actor / Photographer

Christie S.

“This class was absolutely invaluable in giving actors a wholistic understanding of the language of lights, lenses, and all the magic that has to happen behind the camera. I highly recommend this class to any aspiring filmmaker or actor!”

Actor / Director / Writer

Norah H


  • Is this a live class through zoom?

    No. This class has been pre-recorded and edited into 2+ hours of video lessons that you can learn at your own pace! Isn't that great?

  • Do I need expensive equipment?

    Absolutely not! Whether you want to shoot your scenes on your smartphone, or on an ARRI Alexa, the principles and practices taught in this course can be applied to productions of any size and budget.

  • Will this work for beginners?

    Absolutely! This course takes this simple fact into consideration. We built this class to be accessible to actors, not filmmakers, so you can shoot a scene as soon as you're finished with the class!

  • Why should I pay when it's free on YouTube?

    Valid! There are millions of videos on various parts of filmmaking available on the internet, none of which take you into the process of producing a specific scene for your reel. If you want to learn directly from the people who make demo reels every day, then this class is for you.

Guy Chachkes


Guy Chachkes and the REELARC team take you ON SET with an expertly crafted course where you can learn how to make your own Dramatic REELARC scene with the equipment you already own. Guy will show you what works and what doesn’t work by revealing REELARC's practices and techniques in ACTION so you can follow step-by-step to shoot your own scene. Guy has developed a unique style for teaching filmmaking to actors. He pulls upon his years of experience in the industry and shooting over 5,000 scenes for clients from NYC to LA. He's created an approach that focuses on the sole purpose of getting the job done as quickly and effectively as possible, without sacrificing quality, so you can film the footage you desperately need for your demo reel as soon as today!

Guy Chachkes

REELARC Founder & Owner

You're going to walk away with the knowledge to film your own incredible scene.

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